Engage your inner Celtic voice


Come along and learn a song in the ancient and beautiful Irish language with Saoirse (See-ur-sha). This workshop provides the opportunity for participants of all ages to learn both the story and the pronunciation of a song in the Gaelic language, as well as ‘cúpla focail’ or ‘a few words’ to get you around the pubs and Céilí’s of Ireland.

Lords and ladies of the Dance – Irish Dance Workshop


Whether an aspiring Riverdancer or simply wishing you knew what to do with your feet when enchanted by the sounds of lively jigs and reels; this informal and friendly dance workshop is for folk of all ages and abilities. Come and learn the basic steps and manoeuvres to see you nicely around any Céilí dance floor or Hooley! During the course of the workshop we’ll also teach you the ‘ould ‘Cúpla focail’ or few words/common phrases in Gaelic.



Irish Singing and/or Step Dancing


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