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Eric Bogle

“A concert by Saoirse is a rewarding and involving experience. The breadth and depth and sheer range of their music is impressive, and is presented with an obvious sense of enjoyment and no small measure of professionalism. In an area of music that tends to have more than it’s fair share of pretenders to the throne, Saoirse are the real deal, so give your ears a treat and try to catch one of their concerts. It will give your toes a treat as well, as I guarantee they won’t stop tapping from first song to last……"

Carol Mcgrane - Secretary

Adelaide Irish club


On Saturday we welcomed the wonderful talents of Saoirse to the Adelaide Irish Club. What a great evening! Not only are the band superb musicians with a wonderful selection of tunes but they are also great fun with a natural way of engaging the audience. That kind of mix is hard to beat. Our members had a terrific night's entertainment and we have been asked to make sure we ask Saoirse to return. That's a definite yes!


Peter Thornton - South Coast Folk Club

It's not often we get to host a band like Melbourne's Saoirse here in South Australia. What a delight it was to be able to showcase them at South Coast Folk Club! They are reminiscent of the traditional Irish groups that toured Australia years ago as part of the Guinness concerts. The quality of their music is as high as any of those groups and they are equally as entertaining - a true "Taste of Ireland".
... Peter Thornton - South Coast Folk Club

I had the pleasure of seeing Saoirse on a tour of regional Victorian towns during the month of February and March 2014. Each show was presented in a concert environment and the audiences hung off their every note. They delivered a well balanced and tasteful selection of songs and tunes in a pleasingly professional manner. Their arrangements were wonderful and musicianship, stylish. Audiences unanimously called for encores, which to me is the best quality control indicator available to any promoter. I have no hesitation in recommending Saoirse for inclusion in any musical program ranging from large festival event to small and intimate concerts. I believe Saoirse to be dynamic enough and flexible enough to cater for all occasions. 


Mary Souness


Just Shows To Go, Victoria, Australia.

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